Fusió i Foc

The love affair between the Diables del Clot and photographer Linnuit (Enric Manonelles) gave birth to Fusió i Foc (Fusion & Fire), an exhibition of photographs taken during different scenes of the Colla de Diables del Clot, and also in studio using digital and analog film techniques.

In this exhibition the visual impact of the fire photograph was combined with different materials and the digital part printed on high quality paper or onto aluminum format (3mm Dibond) using photographic UV ink which guarantees high quality and long lasting durability.  It should also be mentioned that before printing, each Dibond used is hand-painted to produce a visual aspect that is forged, oxidized, bronzed, etc., thus transforming them into unique pieces.  The analog film photographs have been developed manually and directly by the photographer himself in his lab and printed on different formats or display materials including glass, wood and stone.